Gratitude - free desktop wallpaper by Breanna Rose

8 gorgeous and inspiring desktop wallpapers by designers

OK, so maybe finding the perfect desktop background isn’t your top priority as a freelancer. But that said, the way you set up your desktop and workspace can make a surprising difference to your mindset and productivity. I find keeping my desktop clutter free and dressing it up with something calming and inspiring helps set the tone for a productive day.

Also, a bit of positive reinforcement never hurt anyone, right? An inspiring and organised workspace = an inspired and organised mind.

Thankfully, through my work on this blog, I’m discovering lots of exceptionally talented designers and artists, many of whom very generously create free desktop wallpapers which anyone can download.

I’ve rounded up 8 of my favourite free desktop wallpapers by designers for you here:

Wake up and be awesome wallpaper // CoCorinna

Wake up and be awesome - free desktop wallpaper by Cocorinna

>> Download ‘Wake up and be awesome’ wallpaper


Gratitude // Breanna Rose

Gratitude - free desktop wallpaper by Breanna Rose

>> Download ‘Gratitude’ wallpaper


Be yourself, everyone else is taken // Jessica Keala and Audrey Smit

Be Yourself - free desktop wallpaper by Jessica Keala and Audrey Smit

>> Download ‘Be yourself’ wallpaper


I got this // Melyssa Griffin

I got this - free desktop wallpaper by Melyssa Griffin

>> Download ‘I got this’ wallpaper


You can do anything but not everything // Lauren Essl for designlovefest

You can do anything - free desktop wallpaper by Lauren Essl for designlovefest

>> Download ‘You can do anything’ wallpaper


Surround yourself with beauty // CoCorinna

Surround yourself with beauty - free desktop wallpaper by Cocorinna

>> Download ‘Surround yourself with beauty’ wallpaper


Like a boss // Maddie Nye for designlovefest

Like a boss - free desktop wallpaper by Maddie Nye for designlovefest

>> Download ‘Like a boss’ wallpaper


The Holstee Manifesto // Rachael Beresh for Holstee

The Holstee manifesto - Free desktop wallpaper by Rachael Beresh for Holstee

> Download ‘Holstee manifesto’ wallpaper


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